The professional bodybuilder Zeyad Neanaa


 Zeyad Neanaa or Zeyad Youssef Mohamed  Neanaa ,is an Egyptian professional bodybuilder .He resides in Dubai. He was born on the eleventh of December 1999 in the Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate. 

His biography:

Zeyad Neanaa is a Bodybuilder with 8 years experience and graduated from the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels at the University of Alexandria. In addition, he worked as a flight attendant. The Sports has been an interest in him since his childhood and he was seeking to be a champion in this sport, and he was training in a gym in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate, and he achieved fame and won many certificates at the level of his city. 

زياد نعينع

His achievements:

Zeyad Neanaa Participated in many local and international bodybuilding championships as:

  • 4th in the Dubai Muscle Beach
  • 3th in the Dubai muscle show 
  • 5th in the Muscle factory
  • 10th in the Mr big evolution pro  portugal
  • Many bodybuilding championships inside Egypt